Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Call to speed up SK Salarom construction

25th August, 2009

NABAWAN: The residents of three villages in Salarom want the education department to get the contractor to speed up the building of the new SK Salarom building, which is overdue.

The village chiefs said that parents were complaining to them that they were waiting for the school which began building in 2007 to open its doors so that they need not have to send their children elsewhere for schooling.

Salarom village chief Taka Mandaun Ampungit said that the old school-block was too small to accommodate more than 100 students.

“We can see that there is hardly any movement in the building of the new school and some of the building materials are rotting away,” he said.

He also pointed out about the building materials lying around which could endanger the children.

According to him, proper hygiene was not observed by the workers who also defecated at the worksite.

“We knew about it from a recent gotong-royong,” he said.

Another village chief, Andoi Tawanom who oversees Kg Tataluan, said that the construction materials were wood.

“The construction works are straightforward. What is important is that our children get a proper facility to study,” he said.

New Sabah Times who visited the site also noticed the construction materials which are lying around.

Some of the parents when approached said that their children had complained about the little space they have in the present school block.

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