Monday, August 24, 2009


One of the teacher’s quarters in the interior
24th August, 2009

KOTA KINABALU: The government is urged to consider building a primary and secondary school at the Telipok Ria settlement area to overcome the high cost of school bus service.

According to Sepanggar Umno divisional chief, Jumat Haji Idris, some residents pay as much as RM100 per child a month for the service.

He lamented that some residents have resorted to moving back to the squatter area in Likas just to save cost of sending their children to school. He said most of the 3,000 residents in the settlement send their children to primary and secondary schools around Likas.

Jumat deemed the amount parents have to pay for school bus service as an added burden to their already high cost of living.

He said most of the residents belong to the low income group.

On another matter, Jumat urged the government to reserve 3 per cent of land area in Sepanggar for bumiputera to overcome housing problem.

Meanwhile, in Nabawan, the Agriculture & Food Industry Assistant Minister, Datuk Bobbey Suan, has requested the Education Ministry to overcome the shortage of teacher’s quarters in the district.

He noted that the situation has forced some teachers to drive between Nabawan and Keningau every day while others who are posted in schools further into the interior have no choice but make the best of what accommodation is available.

“The houses they’re occupying are not very comfortable,” he said.

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